Fair Pay Fortnight


Working people in the UK are being squeezed like never before. Wages are worth less today than they were in 2008. But living costs keep rising.

Unite is backing the TUC’s Fair pay fortnight from 24 March – 6 April – join us for 2 weeks of events, workplace and online actions. More information can he found here.

We believe that you should be valued for the work you do which is why Unite is campaigning with you for fair pay in 2014 so tell us why you deserve a pay rise

Getting involved in Fair Pay Fortnight on Twitter and Facebook is easy.

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  1. Dave Turner Said,

    April 7, 2014 @ 2:18 pm

    Do we know what happened to the 0.5% that was held back to deal with anomolies and critical areas? (even though the pay award and pay scales are already structured to deal with these).

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