Become a union rep

We are actively seeking new representatives to play a role in our existing structure. Once trained and successfully through your probationary period you will be expected to conscientiously fulfil your chosen role.

Whilst you will be part of a team, you will need to be able to show –

* a degree of commitment and flexibility
* a willingness to learn
* a level of initiative and common sense
* good communication and interpersonal skills
* enthusiasm!

This is a voluntary position, and you will be expected to carry out your existing responsibilities, though reasonable time off to undertake the duties associated with this role will be facilitated and, in agreement with AXA, your workload reduced proportionally. The position offers a unique range of benefits, including formal training, ‘hands on’ experience, mentoring, personal development, increased self confidence, access to a wide range of information, and job satisfaction!

For further information contact:

Steve Blease – 611 0356

The number of reps has been agreed between AXA and Unite in the July 2007 recognition agreement. Should more members want to be reps than there are positions available then an election would be held.

Unite in AXA Rep Election Process:

Workplace Representatives:

  • i) Workplace representatives are elected at each workplace in accordance with the Unite rulebook.
  • ii) Elections will take place at workplaces were there are more nominations than positions provided for in the July 2007 Unite-AXA recognition agreement. If there are equal or less nominees than positions an election will not be held and the positions filled automatically.
  • iii) Positions are held every three years from 1st July 2015.
  • iv) Nominations for representatives must be submitted to the NCC Secretary by 1st May the same year. Nominations must be received in writing from a union member at the workplace in question and seconded by a union member from that workplace.
  • v) Existing workplace representatives do not need re-nomination and will automatically be assumed to wish to stand again for a further period of three years unless they advise the NCC secretary accordingly by 1st May that year.
  • vi) Elections are held in accordance with the Unite rulebook between 15th May and 1st June the same year.
  • vii) Positions that become vacant during the three year period will follow a similar nomination and election process with the new incumbent holding the position until the next national election.

Health & Safety Representatives:

  • i) The election of Health & Safety Representatives follows the procedure outlined above.

Learning Representatives:

  • i) The election of Learning Representatives follows the procedure outlined above.