2013 pay ballot result

On an 75% return of ballot papers issued, the result of the AXA UK 2013 pay ballot is:

For: 77%

Against: 23%

Spoilt: 0%

The company has been advised of the result.

Thanks to everyone who voted and the local union reps for the hard work put in running the ballots in their offices.

Pay 2013 – joint AXA/Unite statement

Pay negotiations between AXA UK and Unite have concluded with the following pay proposal for employees in levels 9 to 6a.

Overall, this proposal will mean that 2.75% of the total pay spend will benefit levels 9 to 6, against a company-wide average agreement of 2.5%.

This will mean, if your current full time equivalent (FTE) salary is £25,000 in the medium part of the increased pay range and you achieve a Successful rating, your salary will increase to between £25,188 and £25,813 in your April pay.  Your manager will use their discretion to determine your award within the range shown in the pay matrix.

The details:

¾ A pay increase based on the pay matrix below.  The matrix has been built around a 2% award for someone rated as Successful in the medium part of the pay range. Any increase will be based on your performance and position against the increased pay ranges.

¾ Pay ranges have increased by 5% with a commitment to review again next year.

¾ A 3% increase in the minimum salary to £14,320 (exceptions to this are those on AXA PPP apprenticeship scheme, employees rated unsatisfactory, and instances where a manager elects to make a 0% pay award for Partially Successful/ Developing rating).

¾ A joint company-union review of the existing performance management system with recommendations for any improvements by the end of Q2 2013.

Unite will ballot their members, with the ballot taking place from Monday 14 January until Friday 25 January.


The following matrix will be used to award pay increases for all employees in all levels 9 to 3:


Position in Pay Range

Performance rating






3.75% – 6.25%

2.75% – 5.25%

1.75% – 4.25%

1.75% – 4.25%


2.75% – 5.25%

1.75% – 4.25%

0.75% – 3.25%

0.75% – 3.25%


1.75% – 4.25%

0.75% – 3.25%

0% – 2.25%

0% – 2.25%

Partially Successful/Develop

0% – 2.75%

0% – 2.25%

0% – 1.75%

0% – 1.75%






□   This matrix has an element of manager discretion but any adjustments up have to be balanced with movements down – this is necessary to ensure this is affordable for the business.

□   Employees above the pay range (i.e. where their FTE Salary is over the maximum of the pay range) will receive a pay award to be received in monthly pay, rather than as a Lump Sum award.

□ The same principles will apply to the pay review across levels 5-3.

Further information will shortly be available from your line manager.

Karan Hutchinson


Group HR Director

Daryl Williams


Unite Sector Officer (Finance)


2013 pay & performance management survey


2013 Pay & Performance Management Survey

The 2013 pay award may seem a long way off but the process leading to it starts now as we begin consulting with Unite in AXA members as to what they would like to see awarded.

To make the consultation process easier and to reach as many members in AXA as possible we have launched an online survey for staff to complete which can be accessed here.

As well as questions on what you would like to see regarding pay we are asking a few anonymous questions about how you are coping in the current economic climate as well as your views on the performance management system that drives your pay award.

Unite have already undertaken similar surveys in the likes of Aviva and Capita and this data has proven extremely useful in their pay talks.

The survey will run from Wednesday 24th October to Tuesday 6th November.