Unite negotiate overtime rate increase…

Following a recent legal ruling* that companies should take regular overtime into account for the purposes of employees holiday, Unite in AXA has been negotiating with the company on how to implement the ruling within AXA UK.

Rather than calculate each individual employee’s entitlement when they take holiday, with all the administrative complexity that would cause and debate about exactly what regular overtime was, Unite suggested to AXA that it apply a flat increase to the overtime rates, which whilst a slightly more expensive option as it goes beyond the legal ruling, was a simpler and less bureaucratic approach, and easier to understand and implement.

After some negotiation we are pleased to advise AXA agreed with our suggestion and with effect from 1st January 2020, all overtime rates in AXA UK have been increased by 5.5%, regardless of whether the overtime worked in ‘regular’ or not, to ensure AXA complies with the new ruling.

* The legal situation in Northern Ireland is still under review and we are waiting on the resolution of that to see what we can do for overtime rates there.

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