Labour party donations and the political fund

We are occasionally asked by members how to opt out of paying the political fund levy as they do not wish to donate any of their membership fee to any particular political party (normally the Labour party from a union perspective as they are regarded as being more supportive of workers rights).

The political fund is required by law to enable the union to campaign and lobby on political issues. You may ask why the union should be involved in politics, but the definition includes all the legislation on equal rights, working hours, health & safety, maternity, employment law etc., passed by Parliament. Without the levy the union could not attempt to influence the political process to make sure the appropriate legislation is in place to protect working members like yourself.

Regardless of this, whether union members chose to contribute (or not) to the political levy is entirely up to them. New members will receive an opt-out form in their new joiners pack to allow them not to contribute. Members who where members of unions such as Unifi before they merged into Amicus then subsequently Unite, will automatically have been “opted out”, however if you wish to make doubly sure please contact your local regional office and ask them to check your records.

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