AXA EWC in Bristol

The 2015 AXA European Works Council, with union representatives from AXA operations in Belgium. France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK is being held in Bristol.

The UK delegates are asking Group President Henri de Castries the following questions:

  1. The UK Government has committed to hold an in/out referendum on British membership of the EU by 2017. The Confederation of British Industry has called on employers to “turn up the volume” on the dangers to business an exit would cause and Airbus UK president Paul Khan has stated that future investment and thousands of jobs would be put at risk if the UK left the EU. Will you commit AXA to “turn up the volume” and publicly warn of the dangers to businesses and jobs that an EU exit would cause to the UK?
  1. As digital change is inevitable and will accelerate as we head towards 2020 and beyond.  Will HDC assure the EWC that robust and adequate training and development needs will be put in place to give existing staff a fair opportunity to adapt to new models of work. The UK has concerns that a particular age group of people are more vulnerable to these changes and may not be given an opportunity to prove themselves?
  1. Earlier this year Vodafone committed to introduce a worldwide minimum of maternity pay, 16 weeks fully paid maternity pay and full pay for a 30 hour week for the first six months upon returning to work. Whilst this will cost Vodafone $28bn, this will be offset by the current costs of $47bn Vodafone incurs in recruitment replacing women who leave after having a baby. Will AXA commit to such a similar enlightened global policy which will benefit both employees and the employer?
  1. Stress is becoming an increasing concern in the workplace. We understand that AXA France has recently undertaken a company wide workplace stress survey. Will you commit to run this in all the other European countries so a better understanding can be achieved in seeing how widespread the problem is?


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