Impact of 2015 Budget

Since the Budget announcement last week, an increasing number of union members have contacted us raising the issue of how it impacts them.

Many of those who have contacted us are relatively low paid and have said they will be losing over £1000 a year following the changes being implemented in the Budget.

Whilst the next round of pay talks with AXA are a little way off, we need to ensure we have a clear picture of any potential adverse impact the Budget may have on our members in AXA, so we can look to address this if necessary.

Consequently we are asking all our members to complete the BBC Budget calculator here.

And enter the result in our confidential online survey here.

We have asked you to provide some anonymous demographic data so we can ascertain if any specific populations are impacted more than others.

We are not sure how long the BBC will keep its Budget calculator online, so would encourage you and your colleagues to use it and complete the survey asap.


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