16 thoughts on “2014 Pay Survey

  1. In my case I have been on the wrong grade and the wrong pay for nearly 2 and a half years. No one has been able to give a good or even a bad reason as to why, I am just constantly fobbed of with excuses. At the moment I am struggling to be paid what I should be by the company’s own standards, let alone taking into account where I live and what local competetors are offering.

    On that note companies in our area are offering £3000- £10000 a year more then the AXA payscale, as a result we lose staff once they have gained enough experience.

  2. I was offered and took a promotion in June this year, I now have line management responsibilities but did not receive any pay rise or compensation for my extra responsibilities, in addition I work a 37.5 hour week whereas my peers in other D&P sites are on the say pay range but only work a 35 hour week I feel this is grossly unfair and I do not feel I have been fairly treated with respect to pay at all.

  3. Our pay no where near matches to the rest of AXA. We work just as hard and deserve the same benefits, options and overall insentives.

  4. I feel the salary at present just covers essentials and bills for the month. Cost of Living rises but wages stay as much the same.

  5. Transparency across the business is not right. E.g workings works differ, perks should be across the grades not just management .

  6. As we have had a good year i feeel that we should get a decent payrise this year – higher than last years even by just 1%

  7. AXA’S pay increase is not fair, it never increases the same as our household bills – each year it gets harder and harder to cope,
    they increased the starter wage 4 years ago – but never increased the exsisting staffs,
    therefore i have been here 8 years and still get paid the same as a starters – which isnt fair as i have alot of experiance to share.

  8. I don’t believe my feelings on pay are unique. Having worked here for over 5 years, most of that time being graded on a 2 I have always found myself right at the bottom of my payscale. Working in the location I do, my pay is way below the median (80% is way too low) and any raise I get is to do with bringing me in line with 80% of this average and anything I would have got for the hard work I had done is superceeded by this meaning that anyone who comes into the same grade as mine is automatically paid the same. I find this unfair and slightly aggrevating as well as being completely demotivational. In an ideal world I would like to see my pay more in-line with the rest opf the business and any raise I get to add to this amount.

  9. We are well below with wages compared to other Insurance companies within the local area who are not as large as Axa. Plus they also get monthly bonusesI would like to see a substantial increase

  10. I feel the pay is really low compared to other companies of the same calibre and below. My job role is secretary/ administration for the management team primary and occasionally the 4th and 6th floors for personal lines.
    Other companies pay the same role at lot more and it’s one of the reasons employees look for other employment and leave.

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