4 thoughts on “AXA avoid car crash

  1. The news of any jobs losses is always awful, this review has been going on for sometime and the announcement I feel sure will allow many individuals to make decisions about their futures finally.

    That AXA has now stated it will remain in this highly competitive market is good news. I do however remain concerned about the situation within the claims handling arm.

    Unite reps have however been told they are welcome to visit SIM. Small but hopefully significant steps.

  2. The news of redundancies is always saddening. I was affected in a previous company in a role I really enjoyed.

    However, when is the Union going to stop bleating and realise that businesses are not here to provide jobs for people like some job creation scheme but are there to make profit. The world doesn’t stand still and you don’t remain competitive by living a socialist dream by providing jobs when it is uneconomical to do so.

    I’ve been hit by redudancy but it’s just one of those things in life. You get up and use the opportunity to better yourself.

    I don’t mean to sound heartless but unfortunately that is how it is.

    • @ Steve, I am completely baffled by your comment and suggest you re-read the newsletter. Saying the union regrets job losses is hardly “bleating” and Unite fully accepted the business case so I don’t know how you can say we’re living in a “socialist dream” (and not all our reps and members are socialist…)

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