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Unite in AXA are currently engaged in talks with the company over the 2023 pay award. We need you to show how strongly you feel that AXA UK should give you a Fair Pay rise during the current cost of living crisis.

Please sign the petition HERE and encourage your colleagues to do so too…


  1. Ruth Said,

    January 24, 2023 @ 6:31 pm

    Axa is a big company known worldwide. They should lead the way and show how valued your staff are. Especially those from teesside who worked throughout the pandemic

  2. Anonymous Said,

    January 24, 2023 @ 7:56 pm

    A fair pay rise needs to happen firstly to keep your employees afloat. You already excluded lots of employees with the bonus by assuming that no one over £34k is affected by the current crisis. It has to be fair pay for all as well and not just increasing the lower end salaries. Everyone is feeling the pinch. We work hard and are loyal and we should be rewarded in kind. AXA should also want to retain staff by paying fairly.

  3. Sherrie Earnshaw Said,

    January 24, 2023 @ 8:21 pm

    AXA has a duty to make sure we are paid fairly within the industry and be a leading brand. I know AXA value it’s staff let’s show them

  4. Sam Said,

    January 25, 2023 @ 9:41 am

    AXA made €7.6 billion in profit in 2021. They have a duty to give all staff an inflationary pay rise and they can clearly afford it.

    Link to financial results 2021:

  5. AXA employee. Said,

    January 25, 2023 @ 10:33 am

    AXA’s shares since lock down have increased in value from 13.8 to 28.38, the shares havent been this value since 2007 (16 years ago), yet while AXA’s shares more then double in value and they are seen to increase further due to the new OIC portal on injury claims seeing that injury claims will decrease to a 5th of the value on average will ensure AXA’s shares increase even further.

    Despite this my wages have decreased in buying power due to inflation – effectively meaning i have had a pay cut, the decrease is the equivalent of 6% and that amounts to thousands each year or not having a pay rise for a couple of years. AXA are aware of this, in town hall conferences i have even heard directors say that while wages are not to local market averages that they offer great perks like benefits, ignoring the fact that every company offers benefits and higher wages, which is why when they made mass redundancies in Tunbridge wells and moved those same jobs to Birmingham for cheaper staff that those staff who have been poorly trained are now leaving for much higher wages, i have heard of 10k rises on average from particular people who have left. While staff are leaving on mass in Birmingham this wonderful idea has caused mass stress/ sick leave, floods of complaints that are so vast in numbers that other teams around the company have been asked to help the complaints team for extended periods.

    another issue i see every year from AXA is that there are only so many ratings for the end of year reviews, so despite someone working to an excellent standard they dont get it which means their bonus is effected and this means less budget to pay out overall, its a disgusting treatment of staff that needs fixing, to add while AXA disputes fixed amounts of certain ratings they seem to be ignoring the fact they have plenty of money potential in leakage from bad processes (of which are poorly written and not succinct), with claims seeing payments of 50k or more on claims that shouldnt have been paid – yet leakage is poorly recorded so training and processes cant be pinpointed towards dealing with issues or made more efficient.

    i have seen good staff leave due to;
    – a fixed structure to gain promotion if certain requirements are met
    – the lack of promotion availble keeping staff on lower levels
    – no pay rise due to no promotion which is due to no structure
    this causes a number of issues, first that persons work is given to the rest of the team who are already at full capacity forcing them to work extra hours without pay, second we lose a good part of a team which is poor for moral, 3. it shows AXA has no loyalty to exisint staff, 4. We need to wast time and resources advertising for a new role, which costs money for the teams involved in this, 5. Our managers time is wasted when they could be more important things that arent caused by AXAs approach to staff, 6. Once someone is employed the team need to waste more of the teams time who have just had more work given to them to train somone to do the job of which can take a several months to a year depending on the role. 7. That time lost from the team could be spent on claims worth tens of thousands and disputing and stopping payments causing millions in leakage that isnt recorded to highlight training and process needs 8. The new person who is employed needs to build their portfolio effecting the whole team, this also means that despite training things will be missed in complext legal disputes on claims causing further loss in leakage. All of this would be avoidable if AXA provided a structure for already exisitng staff to be promoted and get the pay rise for which their lower role is actually already covering. I feel a lot of these issues are caused by HR when they look at employees as just numbers not knowing the complex role we have on defending cases all the way to court and winning those cases and how hard it is to train new staff and how hard it is to keep those new staff because other companies see that they are worth more and pay more.

    If I wanted better things from AXA it would be;

    – No fixed amount of ratings to cut budgets, to actually aware someone for the work they have carried out
    – To not have a fixed amount of levels for each team, to have a fixed structure and targets for each lower level staff member to hit, so they can seek their promotion and their pay rise which is what people work for
    – To attempt to keep staff, I have never seen this happen despite how good someone is and for that process to be fixed with requirements so axa keep to them
    – To provide pay rises that are above inflation, this is appaling and is yet another reason there are laws around emplyment because otherwise nothing changes and staff are left in dire situations while companies make millions in profits
    – To allow staff access to help in other roles to seek promotions in roles they are interested in, this will see talent coming from other teams to where they could have a larger impact and make the company more efficient and effective.

  6. Anon Said,

    January 30, 2023 @ 6:01 am

    I don’t think the pay review will give us anywhere near an inflation like raise. Will be something like 5% for higher grades and 7% for lower grade although grade isn’t the right way to split it, but AXA will do this as it pleases a higher volume of people…

    We didn’t get enough last year so let’s remember we’ve all been working on a like pay decrease last year.

    Another horrid year for staff trying to make ends meet.

    AXA says it reviews everyone’s pay ever year, that isn’t true. People aren’t paid fairly regardless of the annual review. A blanket approach % being applied to everyone is not reviewing if someone is paid fairly. How many people managers look at their DR salaries regularly and make a decision on it being fair??? None!!! I know my pay is wrong for the role I’m doing but it’s frowned upon if you talk about it so we have to stay quiet.

  7. Chris Webb Said,

    January 31, 2023 @ 8:16 am

    Currently in our business area. Pay is less than 2 years ago due to changes with PRP and Bonus. With Cost of Living and Interest rates. We deserve a fair pay review

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