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2015 pay ballot result

Based on a 65% return of ballot papers issued, the result of the 2015 pay ballot is as follows:

For: 75%
Against: 24%
Spoilt: 1%

The company have been advised of the result.

Thank you to everyone who voted and the local workplace reps for the hard work they put in running the ballot.


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Inflation busting…

Click here to read the latest Unite in AXA newsletter on the 2015 pay offer.

Please leave your feedback below or talk to your local union rep.


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Pay 2015 – joint AXA/Unite statement

Pay negotiations between AXA UK and Unite have concluded with the following pay offer for employees in Unite’s bargaining group in levels 9-6a. Employees in levels 9 – 3* who are not collectively bargained for will also receive this pay offer.

A head line pay offer of 3.00% delivered as a:

  • A pay increase based on a 25% pay matrix. Plus
  • A 0.75% targeted spend, that focuses on specific areas determined by each CEO with their HR teams to target anomalies and business critical areas. Unite will be kept informed of the company’s overall decisions in respect of its bargained for group. The plan would be for any distribution to be concluded by end September

The details:

  • A pay increase based on the pay matrix below. The matrix has been built around a 2% award for someone rated as Successful in the Medium part of the pay range. Any increase will be based on your performance and position against the increased pay ranges.
  • Pay ranges have increased by 1% L8-7, 2% L6 and 3% L5-3. Level 9 median to increase to £15,000. These increases reflect market movements in pay.
  • As part of an ongoing dialogue between AXA and Unite, a 1.7% increase in the minimum salary to £15,000 (subject to employees not receiving an unsuccessful rating).
  • Implementation of a Market 2 minimum salary of £16,653 as informed by the Living Wage Foundation.
  • A commitment by the company to continue to review Pay Ranges annually.
  • As part of the settlement, AXA has committed to review the following during 2015: possible low cost options for employees with no PMI, explore manager 360 degree appraisals and possible alternative arrangements to Performance Related Pay.


The following matrix will be used to award pay increases for all employees in all levels 9 – 3:

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 10.48.46

  • Those with an FTE salary above the maximum for their range will receive a capped increase based upon the maximum salary for that range.

Example of Pay Award

This will mean that if your current full time equivalent (FTE) salary is £18,000, is in the medium part of the increased pay range and you achieve a Successful rating, your salary increase, in your April pay, will be between 0.75% (£135) and 3.25% (£585), with a mid-point award being 2% (£360). Your manager will use their discretion to determine your award within the range shown in the pay matrix but to ensure we achieve the agreed spend overall, any adjustments up have to be balanced with movements down.

Unite will ballot their members, with the ballot taking place from Monday

16 to Friday 27 February

 Please speak to your Line Manager or Unite Representative if you have any questions.

Karan Hutchinson                                           Steve Blease

Group HR Director                                        Unite

 *This settlement includes those employees in AXA PPP that are within the AXA PPP Local Range. The 2015 settlement for employees in AXA PPP Job Families will be considered and communicated separately. Also included are those employees in the new Claims function covered by the Development Framework where structured pay progression is in place.

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Back to basics…

Click here to read the latest Unite in AXA newsletter on the 2015 pay claim.

Please leave your feedback below or talk to your local union rep.


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We’re listening…

Click here to read the latest Unite in AXA newsletter on the 2015 pay negotiations and the outstanding 2014 pay items.

Please leave your feedback below or talk to your local union rep.

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2015 Pay Survey

The Unite in AXA 2015 Pay Survey can be accessed here.pay2015


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